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Mar 31, 2020

Backflow Testing

A backflow prevention assembly tester is essential to ensure that your backflow prevention assembly is working properly. A backflow prevention assembly is used to protect your water supply from being contaminated or polluted due to backflow. Your water supply can be polluted when pressure fails or is reduced. It is possible for this to happen when a pipe bursts, freezes or if there is an unexpected high demand on the water system. If one of these situations occurs the pressure in the pipe may be reduced allowing contaminated water from the ground or other sources to be drawn into your water system.

Without a properly functioning backflow prevention device installed, your sprinkler system, swimming pool, or your water heater could be pushing contaminated water back into your bathroom or kitchen, putting your family at risk. To ensure that everybody coming to your house or place of business has access to clean, non-contaminated water, having a yearly backflow test is essential.

Here at Simply Backflow we offer affordable backflow testing throughout Los Angeles County. It is required in Los Angeles County to have an annual backflow test for all commercial and many residential assemblies to comply with regulations and to meet city codes. Getting your backflow assembly tested ensures that your backflow assembly device is working properly and your water supply is not being contaminated due to backflow. At Simply Backflow we have a team of professionals that have years of experience with backflow testing. We are certified in Los Angeles county and we have a team of licensed plumbers on staff. Servicing your backflow assembly can be done at any time in order to minimize the disruption to your water supply.



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