Why Do I need Backflow Testing?

If you own a commercial property in Los Angeles County it is required by law that you have an annual backflow test performed on your backflow prevention assembly device. This test is required to ensure that you do not have any backflow entering your potable water supply. If backflow is entering your potable water supply, anybody who is coming into contact with that water can be put in serious risk of disease. Backflow can spread disease easily, if you have a backflow issue with your water supply, anybody doing something as innocent as washing their hands may be at risk for catching a disease.

For this reason Los Angeles County has required that all commercial properties and some residential properties have a backflow prevention assembly tester come and perform a backflow prevention test on their backflow device. This test has to be performed by a backflow tester that is certified by Los Angeles County, this ensure that the quality of backflow testing is level across the board.

After a certified backflow tester comes and performs a backflow test on your property, there is paperwork that needs to be filled out and delivered to your local water authority. Here at Simply Backflow we will fill this paperwork out for you and deliver it to your local water authority. We know that owning a business is enough work, we want to make your life easier by delivering all the paperwork and ensuring that your backflow device certification is logged with your local water authority.

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