Why Simply Backflow

Simply Backflow is an affordable backflow testing company located in Los Angeles County that specializes in backflow prevention assembly testing and repair. Simply Backflow employ’s a team of professional backflow prevention assembly testers that have years of experience in the field of backflow prevention testing. If you are looking for a backflow prevention assembly tester, look no farther than Simply Backflow.

Simply Backflow is run by Minas, and experience plumber who has worked specifically in the plumbing field since he was 19 years old. Minas loves the art of plumbing and his many years of experience have made him an expert in his field. Minas’ experience in the plumbing industry is shown in his expert work and his attention to detail.

In the last year Minas decided that he was going to specialize in backflow prevention testing and repair, so he started the company Simply Backflow. Simply Backflow only deals with backflow devices, it does not do any other kind of plumbing or contracting work. This is great because you know that when you are having your annual backflow test performed, it will be performed by a knowledgeable professional.

If you are buying a commercial property for the first time, or are not satisfied with your current backflow testing company, give Minas at Simply Backflow a call, he is eager to help put your mind at ease. He will walk you through the process he takes in certifying your backflow device with the local water authority in your area. You will never have to worry about backflow issues again.

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