Why Backflow Occurs

Today we are going to address the main reasons that backflow occurs. There are only two reasons why backflow would occur in your water supply, backflow occurs either due to back pressure or back siphonage.

First we will address back pressure, the dictionary definition of back pressure is: a resistant pressure exerted by liquid or gas against the forward motion or flow of an exhaust or pipe system. Having to do with water supply, back pressure is the result of a higher pressure in the water system than there is in the supply. This normally occurs when the pressure of the system has been increase for some reason. One of the most frequent occurrences of this is when unvented heating systems are used where thermal expansion increases the pressure of the system.

The second reason backflow will occur is back siphonage, the dictionary description of back siphonage is: to convey, draw, or pass through, in the incorrect direction. Having to do with water supply back siphonage is the result of the supply pressure being lowered below the pressure of the system. This normally occurs when a supply is interrupted, i.e. a broken or frozen pipe, or the supply is drained down.

If your water supply is experiencing either back pressure or back siphonage it is possible that the people who come into contact with the water on your property can be in serious health risk. Being in contact with contaminated potable water can be extremely dangerous, it is easy to contract serious illness if you come into contact with any contaminated water. This is why it is essential to have a backflow test and if any problems are identified have an expert perform any needed backflow repair. If you are in need of affordable backflow testing Simply Backflow is here to help! We have a team of certified professionals ready to help with your backflow testing and repair needs.

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