Why Do I need a Backflow Test?

In Los Angeles County is it required by law to have an annual backflow test completed by a certified backflow tester for all commercial properties and many residential properties. The purpose behind backflow testing is to ensure that no contaminated water from the ground or other sources enters your potable water supply. If contamination of your potable water supply occurs, everybody who comes into contact with that water is potentially at risk to contract various diseases. This is why in backflow testing in Los Angeles is required.

Here at Simply Backflow we have a team of professionals with intensive experience in backflow testing and repair. We maintain a client database that alerts us when your annual backflow testing is due so that you will never had to worry about missing the deadline. By doing this we make it easy and convenient for you to schedule your backflow testing. After one of our Los Angeles based backflow testers comes to your place of business or residence, we send and/or deliver copies of the compliance report that we create to your local water authority. By doing this we are verifying to the water authority that you are meeting all regulations and city codes required.

Simply Backflow employees a team of experienced and licensed plumbers who are available to perform any backflow assembly repairs that are needed to comply with all regulations and city codes. We are able to schedule repair work conveniently around your schedule so we do not disturb the flow of potable water to your business or residence during peak hours. If you are not sure if your property requires annual backflow testing

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