Keeping Plumbing Safe for the Family

Most of us probably assume our water supply is clean or seldom think about it but there are significant dangers associated with plumbing problems. One of the biggest issues that need to be addressed periodically is backflow. If you are not familiar with backflow it is basically a reversal of your normal water flow which allows contaminates and dirty water to enter your water supply through a cross connection. You should have a backflow preventer device installed to help deal with this potential problem or if you already have one you should get it tested every so often to make sure it is working. A backflow preventer will create a gap that prevents the cross connection from flowing into your water supply. As long as you can find affordable backflow testing so that you can get it done periodically you will no longer have to worry about any problems with contamination of your water.

There are two types of backflow which can become a problem if you do not have a preventer device or if your backflow preventer has been damaged or eroded over time. There is backpressure backflow and backsiphonage which both can affect the water flow and cause contamination. Backpressure backflow is caused by downstream pressure that is greater than the upstream pressure causing the flow to reverse. This can happen when downstream pressure suddenly increases or upstream pressure is reduced. Backsiphonage is caused by negative pressure or a vacuum similar to the effect of water through a straw. Any kind of stoppage in the water supply can lead to backsiphonage. Being aware of backflow and taking measures to prevent it is the best way to keep your family safe with clean water. With certified backflow testing you can prevent either of these types of backflow from occurring and keep your water supply safe at all times.

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