Vigilant Backflow Testing in Los Angeles

I consider myself somewhat of a domestic goddess. In my domain, no dish goes unwashed and no carpet un-vacuumed. Bills are paid promptly. Sometimes I even buy fresh flowers. The list of household chores sometimes seems infinite. Living alone is a double-edged sword: I never have to clean up after anybody else, but all the responsibility falls on me. Fortunately, I am extremely organized and function on a strict schedule, dictated by trash days and automated sprinkler systems.

Though now annual backflow testing in Los Angeles is the law, I get mine checked at least twice a year. No weird plumbing fluke poses a greater threat to my Martha Stewart-esque utopia than the sudden and unexpected regurgitation of used water by the house’s aquatic orifices.

While the ordinary citizen may only turn to Los Angeles backflow testing after realizing that he or she has a backflow problem, I prefer to evade problems altogether. Hence, I am a huge fan of preventative backflow testing in Los Angeles to ensure that I never encounter the murky ghosts of showers past. As with earthquake preparedness, on which I happen to be an expert, backflow testing can never be done too thoroughly or too soon.

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