What is Backflow?

Backflow is a term used in plumbing to describe the flow of unwanted water flowing in the reverse direction. Having backflow can be a serious health risk for people who come into contact with it. When unwanted water from the ground, sewer, or other contaminated areas enters your water supply due to a loss in pressure, there can be serious health risks. Backflow is usually caused when a pipe bursts, freezes, or there is a loss of pressure due to an unexpected hike in water demand. When this happens water from contaminated sources can be drawn into your clean water supply contaminating your drinking water.

There are two reasons why backflow occurs. The first reason is back pressure, which is the result of a higher pressure in the water system than in its supply, for example the system pressure has been increased. The second reason is back siphonage, which is the result of the water supplies pressure being lowered below the pressure of the system, for example when a water supply is interrupted or drained down.

If you are experiencing backflow, having a certified professional repair your backflow assembly is essential to the health of everybody coming in contact with that water. If you do not have repairs done immediately, it is possible for people to contract serious illnesses from the contaminated water. This is why it is important to have a backflow tester come to your residence or place of business annual to inspect your backflow prevention device.

Here at Simply Backflow we can conveniently schedule a backflow prevention test to ensure that your backflow assembly is functioning properly. We have a team of professionals that are certified to perform backflow perform backflow testing and repair in Los Angeles County.

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