The Benefits of an Annual Backflow Test

Even for those who have already prevention assemblies installed, backflow is still an ever-present danger. Every property owner must do what they can to prevent the kind of disasters that can occur with their plumbing system. In order to properly keep backflow from becoming an issue, it is important to have both a backflow preventer installed and an annual test taken care of by a professional. There is no telling when a prevention device might break down or wear out allowing the possibility of backflow to ruin your water supply. Any business or home owner must educate themselves on the dangers of backflow and understand the benefits of prevention assemblies and annual testing.
Why Worry About Backflow?

A plumbing system may not always work perfectly, and any time there are issues with the water flow there is a chance that clean water can become contaminated. Backflow can be responsible for allowing contaminants such as bacteria and toxic chemicals to enter drinking water. Any kind of change in pressure can cause water flow to reverse as contaminants flow through a cross connection and poison water meant for consumption. Backflow is a problem that can cause the spread of illnesses and even death when people unknowingly drink contaminated water. This is why backflow is such a serious issue which property owners must always be concerned with. Preventing backflow is not only important to maintain public health and safety but it is also required by law. There have been a number of cases in which backflow caused water to become dirty, cloudy and led people to become seriously ill. Keeping the public water supply clean is the responsibility of everyone who maintains their own plumbing system that could pose a threat to anyone’s health.
Prevention and Annual Testing

The first step to preventing backflow is of course to install a prevention assembly that is certified and suits the hazard level of your plumbing situation. A backflow preventer will work to keep water flowing in the correct direction at all times. However, a prevention assembly can unexpectedly break and parts can wear out because of time and weather. This is why annual tests are so beneficial to property owners. Getting a test every year can help you to identify any problems with your backflow preventer and they can be resolved on the spot by a professional who is experienced with repairing the equipment. Without an annual test you could be completely unaware of the issues with your backflow preventer such as broken parts or worn down pieces. If a broken backflow prevention assembly goes unnoticed then contaminants can slowly enter the water supply until serious health effects appear. An annual test will keep your mind at ease and keep everyone safe so that backflow is never an issue.

Some people may feel deterred by the cost of backflow prevention or want to avoid paying a fee to get their prevention assembly tested. You can never assume that your prevention assembly is always in working order if you have no experience or understanding of how the mechanism works. The benefits of maintaining a working backflow prevention assembly outweigh whatever costs may be involved. Backflow can ruin the health of innocent people and even take their lives if it is not kept in check. In order for your plumbing system to be up to code and compliant with the law you need to have your backflow prevention methods checked regularly. The only way to prevent a disaster is to get your backflow prevention system tested every year and adequately repaired should any problems occur.

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