Affordable Backflow Testing in Los Angeles

Having a backflow prevention test is crucial in keeping your customers healthy. If you do not receive backflow prevention testing and you have a backflow issues, serious illness can be transmitted to your customers. Backflow happens when contaminated water from the sewer, ground, or other sources enters your potable water supply and is then delivered to your place of business. Due to the serious health risk involved with backflow, Los Angeles County required that all commercial properties and some residential properties have annual backflow testing performed.

By having annual backflow testing you are able to ensure that no contaminated water is being transported to your place of business. It is required by law to have a backflow prevention assembly tester come to your place of business, perform a test, and then write up the correct certification paperwork. This paperwork is then delivered to your local water authority to verify that the test has been completed.

There are some backflow companies that charge exuberant fees for their backflow testing, until recently there were only a few backflow companies serving Los Angles. Recently new backflow testing companies have been surfacing that offer affordable backflow testing. Simply Backflow is one of these companies. Their owner got his start as a certified plumber who has been working in the plumbing field since he was 18 years old. He recently decided to specialize in backflow prevention and repair. He continues to educate himself on the latest backflow testing and repair techniques, ensuring that Simply Backflow is at the head of their field.

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