Backflow Preventers

A backflow preventer is a mechanism created to prevent backflow in your potable water supply. The basic means in which backflow is prevented in your potable water supply is by using an air gap, which either eliminates a cross-connection or provides a barrier to backflow. The basic mechanism used for preventing backflow is a mechanical backflow preventer; a mechanical backflow preventer provides a physical barrier to backflow. The usual types of mechanical backflow preventers are the reduced-pressure principle assembly, the pressure vacuum breaker assembly, and the double check valve assembly. There is also a secondary type of mechanical backflow preventer that is used in residential backflow preventers know as a dual check valve.

It is essential to have a backflow preventer to ensure that your potable water supply is being delivered to your business or residence without being infected with contaminated water. Having a backflow prevention assembly tester come to your place of business or residence annually to check if your backflow prevention device is working properly is recommended and required by law for all commercial properties and some residential properties.

Here at Simply Backflow we have a team of certified Los Angeles County backflow testers ready to accommodate all your backflow testing and repair needs. We have years of experience with commercial and residential customers. At Simply Backflow we keep a database of our clients to ensure that you receive your backflow testing before your yearly deadline. After have one of our certified backflow testers complete a backflow prevention test, we send and/or deliver copies of compliance reports to your local water authority to verify that you are complying regulations and meetings city codes.

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