The Importance of Backflow Testing

The demand for clean drinkable water is exceeding supply, due to this the responsibility of the irrigation contractor is growing. The contractor has a responsibility to protect the public’s water supply from contamination due to backflow. It is imperative that the contractor use a backflow prevention assembly tester to ensure that his backflow device is working properly. Backflow prevention is a subject every irrigation contractor should be concerned with. It is very important to have a good relationship with a certified backflow tester in order to keep up to city regulations.

If the flow of clean water is reversed from an irrigation system back into the potable water system, a backflow condition is created. If contaminates are present in that water, the potable water supply will be contaminated. Even minuscule quantities of contaminates can endanger the population. If there is a connection between the potable water supply and a source of contamination, this is called a cross-connection. Irrigation systems, jumper connections, bypass arrangements, swivel or changeover arrangements, or other temporary arrangements through which backflow can occur are considered to be cross-connections.

Even though irrigation systems may begin with potable water, they are subject to contamination from submerged sprinklers, auxiliary water supplies, ponds, reservoirs, swimming pools, and other sources of non-potable water. To ensure that no contaminated water is being transferred into your drinking water supply, it is important to have a backflow tester come and perform a backflow prevention test on your device. Affordable backflow testing is available through a large number of county certified companies. You can check with your local water authority to determine if you need a licensed plumber to install your backflow prevention device or if you can have any contractor perform the work.

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