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Having a backflow problem at your workplace can put your business in serious jeopardy. Having contaminated water in your potable water supply can cause serious health problems to anybody that comes into contact with the contaminated water. It is not only a health risk for your customers, it can also be a financial burden to your company. If a customer gets sick as a direct result of contaminated water from you workplace, they are likely to sue. This can be devastating to a company. Having an annual backflow test can ensure that this never happens.

Here at Simply Backflow we offer affordable backflow testing that can fit into any companies budget. We are a company that only deals with backflow repair and testing. By specializing in one field we are able to provide the best service possible. All of our employees are certified plumbers, in case there is an issue with your backflow device, we have personal on site, ready to correct the problem. Here at Simply Backflow we also keep an extensive database of all our clients, this makes it easy for us to notify you when your annual backflow test is due. We will contact you and set up an appointment that works around your schedule.

Simply Backflow is certified in Los Angeles County to provide backflow tests, after performing the test we will write up the appropriate certifications and deliver them to the city water authority. We take care of everything for you! With Simply Backflow you never have to worry about backflow problems ever again! If you are purchasing a new commercial property or you would like to know if your current property is required to have backflow tests performed annually, give us a call, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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